Over the years many reports have been done on the economic benefits on local shops. The two national retailers that have mainly been in the press about this topic is Waitrose and Costa. Reports have directly shown property prices increasing due to either one of these retailers opening in a particular area and seeing property prices increasing up to 15%. While we don’t have a Waitrose we do have a Costa, but more importantly we have a selection of great local business owners. Our local retail has grown over recent years with an array of different bars, restaurants, and shops. With some of these getting critical acclaim and attracting out of area punters. The main reason why it increases value in the area is because our village center becomes more attractive and enjoyable, creating a more desirable location. Areas need to offer more than just transport links, schools, housing stock, they need to offer a lifestyle that is easily accessible on the weekends so its residents can wind down from the stressful working week. Watch the video to find out more.