raven yoga - Raven Yoga

As we get ready for the summer why not try Raven Yoga. It is an authentic traditional practice of Yoga that connects the mind and body through the breath. Meditation and Pranayama (breath control) are practiced at the start of class and throughout the practice. Sun Salutations are practiced to create Agni (internal heat) to prepare the body for the physical postures. A sequence of standing, seated and supine Asana’s (postures) are held for around 5-10 breaths to enable students to really feel the posture, and connect with the breath, this builds strength within the body and mind. Backbends, Arm Balances and Inversions are practiced in a mindful way to bring calm and peace to the mind and body. Raven Yoga takes a holistic approach to the practice, enabling you to take your Yoga practice off the mat.