February has come out strong with listing 6% more properties then the area did last year with 89 new properties coming to the market in comparison to its 81 in 2018. This is re assuring not because it has increased but mainly because it hasn’t decreased. Vendors are showing they still have faith in the market despite the constant negative news in the media regarding our political situation.

However the volume of sales agreed has dropped across SK6 by 12% this could be interpreted as buyers feeling unsure of where the market is heading or simply they are catching up with Vendors actions to put their property to the market. As other news outlets report record first time buyer mortgages being approved as well at Brexit being finally put to bed this could all lead to an even stronger market place. If you’re interested in exploring the market further please let me know on 0161 427 0755 or at jonathanhyde@julianwadden.co.uk

february 2018 vs 2019 - February Market review of SK6: A drop in sales yet more come to the market.